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Daniel Phiri

National Coordinator/CEO

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Daniel is an avid environmentalist, lobbyist and strategist with a strong track record in policy influence. Daniel joined BirdWatch/the BidLife family in 2021 from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) where he spent nearly 8 years working in various capacities and leading a number of initiatives. Prior to joining WWF, he worked for a Zambian publishing company where he was responsible for development of publications. Daniel holds a Master of Science Degree in Economics from Södertörn University in Stockholm, where he specialised in Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development, and a double-major Bachelor of Arts Degree in Library and Information Science with Economics from the University of Zambia. He is passionate about the natural environment and believes sustainable development can only be attained if communities, business, governments and all stakeholders understand the true value of nature to livelihoods and economic development – in both nominal and real terms.



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Andrew is a passionate young conservationist and environmental activist who has dedicated himself to working towards protecting the natural world from destruction and pollution. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management obtained from the Copperbelt University and is passionate about the environment. Apart from his academic qualifications, Andrew has undergone a 4 years Peer Education training course under the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA)/Generation of Leaders Discovered (GOLD) Program from 2009 to 2013 where he graduated and got certified as a Mentor Peer Educator. Andrew is a multi-talented person who uses some of his talent/skills such as graphic designing and art to develop education and communication materials for the organisation. He Joined BirdWatch Zambia in June 2021 as a volunteer ecologist where he was attached to the vulture conservation project and he has risen through the ranks, leading on various tasks. Currently, Andrew has been entrusted with the responsibility of managing the BWZ education and awareness program as well as communications, engaging over 36 schools countrywide, culminating to over 3,100 young learners. During his stay at BWZ, he has also been trusted with mentoring and supervising 7 interns/volunteers to date, where he has shown a clear demonstration of his good leadership qualities.

George Chanda

Finance and Accounts Manager

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George is a holder of the ZICA Licentiate, Certificate in Accounts & Business studies and Advanced Certificate in Computer Studies. He has over 15 years of work experience in the field of accounting. George joined BirdWatch Zambia in 2017. He assists with the budgeting of projects, organising procurements and he keeps the BirdWatch finances running smoothly. He is also responsible for payroll administration including preparation of statutory returns such as NAPSA, PAYE and Withholding Tax.

Mary Malasa

Species Conservation Officer

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Spanning 4 years working in conservation, Mary Malasa is vibrant and passionate about experiencing and working in wild spaces. She is experienced in project management and is a practising researcher with her current career being species focused. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management from the Copperbelt University. Mary joined BirdWatch Zambia as an ecologist intern in 2018. Since joining, Mary has participated in species/biodiversity surveys, habitat monitoring, engaging with young learners and establishing nature clubs in schools among other activities. From October 2020 to January 2021, Mary was assigned as a Project assistant on a habitat restoration project aimed at controlling an invasive weed- salvinia molesta in one of Zambia’s important wetlands, the Lukanga Swamps. On this project, she supported the project team on various project activities. Currently, Mary works as a Species Conservation Officer and leads on BirdWatch Zambia’s Vulture Conservation Program. She coordinates research, capacity building and manages partner relations among other activities under this program. Mary blends her project activities with community engagement and outreach to ensure people are part of conservation solutions. She is equipped in wildlife poisoning response (in practice and as a trainer) and she is a holder of two National Geographic short course certificates - Prioritising Species and Spaces, and Conservation Project Planning. Spanning over 4 years of work experience. Mary wishes her contribution to conservation results in meaningful impact for BirdWatch Zambia, Zambia and beyond.

Swithin Kashulwe

Habitat Conservation Officer

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Swithin is a young passionate and practising conservationist. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife Management from the Copperbelt University. He joined BirdWatch Zambia in 2020 as an intern and was attached to the habitat restoration project on the Lukanga Swamps. Ever since, he has shown commitment to biodiversity conservation and has risen through different positions including that of the project assistant on the vulture conservation project and acting environmental education officer. Swithin is now responsible for developing projects and undertaking activities related to habitat and species protection in Zambia. He is currently leading the habitat conservation projects which involves leading on the implementation of in-situ biodiversity conservation activities in multiple landscapes including habitats of international importance. Swithin is also a product of the Tropical Biology Association (TBA), he holds certificates in ¹Designing Conservation Projects and Measuring Impacts (online) and ²Tropical Ecology and Conservation field course which he attended at Mpala Research Centre in Kenya.

Chinga Lufwino

Driver/Project Assistant

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Chinga joined BirdWatch Zambia in 2005 as a driver under the Norwegian Ornithological Society funded Important Bird Areas (IBAs) project to provide logistical support. Chinga came to BirdWatch with an interest to learn more about birds and their habitats. His passion for bird conservation has contributed to him becoming undoubtedly one of the local experts on birds in Zambia. During his time at, Chinga has been instrumental in many activities including; setting up Site Support Groups (SSG) and School’s Nature Clubs across the country. He has also been involved in setting up of Vulture Safe Zones (VSZ) in selected areas of the country, training local community members and DNPW staff in basic bird identification skills, and training habitat monitors across the country. He provides support in environmental education, species monitoring of critically endangered bird species and habitat restoration programs among others. He has also been involved in conducting Wildlife Poisoning Response training to stakeholders and DNPW staff across the country. Chinga’s dedication and passion for bird conservation and their habitats spans 17 years.



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Kelvin joined BirdWatch Zambia in 2006 as a relief and back up driver under the Norwegian Ornithological Society funded IBA project to provide logistics and backup services to BirdWatch Staff, Committee members and stakeholder research teams. Kelvin came to BirdWatch as a complete novice and has learned from expert birders within the organisation to become a bird nerd and undoubtedly one of the local experts on birds in Zambia. He has vast experience in Transport, logistics, purchasing and stores. Rising through the ranks within the organisation to become Site Support Groups Coordinator in 2013, Kelvin has been instrumental in the following in a number of activities including; setting up and training of Site Support Groups across the country, setting up of Vulture Safe Zones in selected areas of the country, training Local community Members and DNPW Staff in Basic Bird Identification skills, and training Habitat Monitors in the IBAs across the country. Other responsibilities include; Conducting Environmental education in schools, species monitoring of critically endangered bird species and Habitat restoration programs, and conducting Wildlife Poisoning Response training to stakeholders and DNPW Staff across the country. Kelvin’s dedication and passion for wild birds and conservation spans 16 years.

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