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Promoting the Study, Conservation and General Interest in Birds and their Habitats in Zambia

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What we are

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We take necessary action on species, collect data on sites to influence land use and engage people as a way of promoting the linkage between biodiversity conservation and people’s livelihoods in rural communities.


We make you aware of the 760+ beautiful bird species we have in Zambia.


Join us to promote the linkage between biodiversity conservation and people's livelihoods

wHat we are doing

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The mission of BWZ is to promote the study, conservation and general interest in birds and their habitats in Zambia.

The Importance of Birds

Birds bring us closer to nature and make us aware of the global crisis of biodiversity. Bird behavior is an early warning system for our survival.

We are pursuing conservation from multiple angles.

Project Highlights

Avoid the use of chemicals and pesticides because sometimes birds consume these toxins accidentally. Trees provide habitat to thousands of bird species. Hence, we should plant more and more trees to provide shelter to the birds. You can also join a conservation group that works for the protection of birds.

our services



Kundalila Falls

Liuwa Plain

Lavusha Manda Forest

Kawelwa Plain



Dry Grassland


Mopane Woodland

Afromontane Rainforest


Tree planting at a school

Assisting with community projects

Educating school children about conservation

Working with communities

We Take action for species, sites, systems and societies.

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Find us here: Birdwatch Zambia

Address : 25 Joseph Mwilwa Rd, Lusaka, Zambia

Phone: 0211 239 420

Email:  bwz.office@gmail.com

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