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BirdWatch Zambia runs an internship programme that seeks to provide hand-on training most often not provided by classrooms to help young minds to work on their flaws and take initiatives to brush-up their qualities. In addition to giving graduates a chance to gain practical related experience, the interns also get career experience to develop and increase self-confidence and comprehension of the ethical practice of the profession. To BWZ, this internship programme creates an ongoing pipeline of future full-time employees thereby reducing the drain on the organisation’s resources from recruiting, hiring and training new employees. The programme cultivates a pool of outstanding interns to fill positions as they open up. Currently, about 40% of the full-time employees were once interns in the organization. Other individuals who were once interns have gone and joined other organizations where they are leading on big projects while others have ventured into consultancy. Furthermore, the presence of interns in the organisation is an opportunity for full time staff to improve their leadership skills as they mentor and supervise interns. Lastly, fresh students learn cutting-edge strategies, techniques, and technology in their field. Implementing an internship program gives the organisation direct access to recent developments thus as much as interns learn from the organization, we also learn from them.

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