December 20

Monze-based birder donates to BWZ

A Monze-based birder and member of BWZ has donated 6 pairs of binoculars and 3 pairs of monoculars to be used by primary schools in Monze.  Mr. Colin Venters stated that he hoped that the binoculars will be used in environmental education programs by BWZ in Monze’s rural schools, especially the Kayuni area where Zambia’s endemic Chaplin’s Barbet can be sighted. In Tonga, the local language of the area, Kayuni means small bird. Deforestation has not spared the area from land degradation and habitat loss. Most of the trees have been cleared by the communities to pave the way for farming which is the main source of income for the local community in the area.

Mr. Venters has promised to work with BWZ in the area to help raise awareness of the importance of conserving the habitat, and its birds. The Chaplin’s Barbet (Lybius chaplini) is one of Zambia’s three endemic birds. It is almost restricted to areas where Sycamore Fig (Ficus sycomorus) is abundant, interspersed with open grassland, typically on sandy ridges (source: Birds of Zambia App). We look forward to working with Mr. Venters in the future!

Figure 2 BWZ Staff, Chinga Lufwino receiving the binoculars


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