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Bird Baths


Bird Baths

Bird baths are shallow basins with water for wild birds to drink and bathe in. All bird species need water for drinking and cleaning feathers. Water also helps keep a bird’s body cool both from the inside and outside. Water is one of the most important things bird lovers can add to their gardens to attract birds. Birdbaths come in two basic designs:


Pedestal: These classic bird baths stand a meter above the ground and include a post-style base on an elevated dish. Pedestal bird baths may be plastic, metal, ceramic or concrete and come in varying decorative designs and colours.


A simple saucer or shallow bowl can be used for a dish bird bath. Dishes can be used at different heights by being placed on the ground, a fence, patio table, stump or steps. Hanging dishes and models that attach to deck railings are also available.

Bird baths are usually mounted in gardens, balconies, rooftops and any open space that can be easily and safely accessed by birds. As such, anyone who is interested in birds can easily attract them by making a simple birdbath. This can be done by re-purposing old tyres - cut an old tyre into half and fill it with water, alternatively, fill a plough-disk with water and place it on some stones - as simple as it sounds birds will like it. It is a good idea to put a rock in the birdbath so that insects and bees can easily climb out. Remember to refresh the water daily. 

Plant a tree

Avoid using chemicals


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