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Bird species go into extinction due to a broad range of reasons, including habitat loss, starvation as a result of food shortages, hunting and poaching, nest raiding, and poisoning. In some cases, certain species are lost because they are too sensitive to the conditions of a particular habitat. Your efforts can help reduce the risk of extinction, and the more birders who take those steps, the larger the overall impact will be and the more bird species will benefit. Here is what you can do;

  • ● Know more about Endangered Species and protect them: The first step towards preventing extinction is being aware of species that need conservation help and learning how to lower the risks of extinction.
  • ● Support Species Conservation Programs: Supporting conservation programs can be done through funding conservation work, joining or volunteering in conservation work or making donations to conservation groups, bird rescue organizations or wildlife rehabilitators.
  • ● Protect Habitats/Key Biodiversity Areas: Protecting these areas increases the chances of birds’ survival.
  • ● Talk about it: Introducing more people to birds and birding to minimize the risk of extinction, because the more people who are involved in protecting birds, the greater and more effective the protection will be.
  • ● Curb Artificial Risks to Birds: Reduce human-induced threats or risks dramatically.