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Operating hours: 08AM - 04:30PM

Our VisionBirdWatch Zambias' Vision is;

BirdWatch Zambia (BWZ) formerly Zambian Ornithological Society (ZOS), is a membership-based environmental NGO established in 1969. BirdWatch Zambia is a member of a global environmental and conservation partnership through its membership of BirdLife International. Currently, BirdWatch Zambia is the only BirdLife International Partner in Zambia.

The objective of BirdWatch Zambia is to promote the study, conservation, and general interest in birds and their habitats in Zambia. The organisation produces a monthly members’ newsletter and conducts monthly bird-walks were members learn about birds and birding in Zambia.

BirdWatch Zambia’s main activities are centred on Zambia’s 42 Important Bird Areas (IBA) and are based on 4 focal areas of: