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Today, in the face of unprecedented threats to our natural environment, with most of them being human induced, collaboration is more crucial than ever. BirdWatch Zambia has 42 Key Biodiversity Areas in which it collaborates closely with community members and other stakeholders. Communities make up the environment. Their actions influence the state of the environment, and the environment's impacts on the community also affect the community. Therefore, BirdWatch Zambia through environmental education and awareness raising has engaged local communities in their aim to conserve the environment.


Through various platforms such as radio, TV, and face-to-face meetings, the organization has been able to raise awareness in these communities. This gives communities an opportunity to understand the risks they face and get involved in response actions. BirdWatch Zambia not only educates community members about the importance of birds, but it also encourages conservation initiatives that do not harm the environment. It is obvious that in order for people to stop their destructive behaviours, they require a new way of life. BirdWatch has previously provided alternative livelihood sources to communities, such as boats for transportation and initiated poultry business to various communities in order to encourage them to transition to more sustainable livelihoods rather than cutting down trees and other activities that harm birds and the environment.