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Invasive alien species are animals and plants that have been introduced into a natural habitat. In the last 500 years, species like rats, cats and mice have driven more than 70 bird species to extinction. They remain one of the greatest threats to our natural world. The BirdLife Invasive Alien Species programme unites the world’s largest Partnership of national non-governmental nature conservation organisations to tackle the global extinction crisis.

BWZ has been developing and sharing our expertise to tackle invasive alien species within Zambia. We’re controlling exotic species at sites where they constitute a major conservation problem, and implementing locally-led biosecurity measures to ensure they don’t return. Together we’re calling for more effective national, regional and international policies to address non-native invasive.

We are involved in;
  • Documenting primary drivers for invasive species.
  • Designing, implementing and sharing techniques to control and eradicate invasive alien species.
  • Expanding invasive species control efforts to multiple sites under threat.

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