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Diverters refer to things or materials that can be used to divert people or things from one direction to another. In this content, they refer to mechanisms that are put in place in order to divert the direction of birds as they fly so that they do not disturb the operations of other facilities.

These facilities may include airports, residential houses, offices and sports facilities that run cafeteria, shopping areas, hotels, lodges and restaurants whose kitchens generate food waste which is presumably left uncovered or uncollected, thereby providing a readily available food source for birds that feed on rubbish. In order for this to be effective, sustainable measures can be implemented as well as investing and installing eco-friendly non-lethal bird control methods that do not threaten the lives of birds.

Eco-friendly non-lethal bird control solutions such;
  • Airport Bird Wailer,
  • Firefly Bird Diverter Bird Deterrent,
  • Portable or Mounted Laser Beam
  • There are also chemical solutions such as Bird Stop and Avian Control Bird Repellant which could be sprayed or applied on all surfaces. These products are supplied by various manufacturers and institutions.
  • Other alternative control measures include strong sensitization campaign on effective and good waste management practices that need to be embarked on in areas were birds disturb day to day activities.

Bird diverters for powerlines help birds see powerlines and avoid potentially fatal collisions and prevent damage to facilities. Furthermore, bird strikes also cause power outages while bird nests and droppings cause millions of dollars in damage each year to transformers and other electrical equipment.