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Welcome to the web site of BirdWatch Zambia (BWZ), a conservation society formerly known as ZOS (Zambian Ornithological Society).
For over thirty years, BirdWatch Zambia has provided a home for those interested in learning about and protecting Zambia’s bird life.

The society has a serious and long-term commitment to carrying out scientific and educational work on Zambia’s birds and their habitats. In Zambia, as elsewhere, some bird species are threatened by habitat degradation, hunting and poisoning. A few species are extremely rare and efforts to protect them must continue. The society, in conjunction with Birdlife International, co-ordinates and sponsors academic research into the status of Zambia’s birds. We maintain an authoritative database of Zambian bird sightings and our publications include a field guide, Zambian checklists, a monthly newsletter and annual bird report.

Monitoring is the key to conservation. Between 2008 and 2012, BirdWatch Zambia ran a yearly monitoring programme in 32 of the 42 IBAs with support of EU through RSPB and NORAD through the Norwegian Ornithological Society. Status and Trend Reports were produced for each of these years and over 100 monitors were trained.

In 2012 and with support of the Zambia Civil Society Environmental Fund (CSEP) monitoring was expanded in 5 IBAs and culminated into the production of an Advocacy Strategy as well as a Species Conservation Status Report.

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Wattled Crane -  BWZ Emblem

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African Fish Eagle - Zambia's National Emblem

Last updated: 16 Nov 2015
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